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  1. Template Search-Path Workaround

    One of the most annoying limitations you may encounter in bottle when building bigger applications is the way templates are searched on the file system. At the time the template system was designed, nobody thought about multi-app projects, third-party apps, Bottle.mount() and the complexities these features introduce. The typical …

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  2. Thread-locals and Generators

    Looks like the next release (0.11) will break backwards compatibility in some edge cases. I am working on a patch that affects routes that stream content (yield) and access request/response after the first chunk of data is returned.


    Accessing the thread-local request/response objects after yielding a …

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  3. TAL Templates deprecated

    Andrea Belvedere found a bug in SimpleTALTemplates that went unnoticed for months. Conclusion: Nobody actually uses Bottle+TAL.

    Perhaps it is a good time to remove SimpleTALTemplate support instead of fixing it. Or move it to a plugin.

    Here is the deal: The TAL template adapter needs a maintainer or …

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  4. Native Py3k support merged

    It was a lot of work, but I could finally drop the 2to3 requirement! The Bottle sources now support Python 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 3,1 and 3.2 natively. All tests pass. No measurable performance drawback. Full backwards compatible. Its pure win :)

    You can test it directly …

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  5. More robust Auto-reload

    The Bottle auto-reload feature got an upgrade today: It is now able to handle syntax and import errors in your application or imported modules. Just start the server with the new command-line interface and give it a try: --debug --reload package.module:app

    I had to change a …

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  6. Routing Overhaul

    It took some time, but the new routing code is finished.


    • New wildcard syntax: /object/<id:int>
    • Wildcard filtering/validation as part of the route syntax
    • Support for custom wildcard filters
    • Faster url() building
    • Better error messages
    • Much simpler code (I dropped CGI optimization)
    • Lots of documentation
    • (the old …
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